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Our international know-how

FIT has developed various markets by offering products adapted to local consumption while continuing to highlight and develop the image of quality French products.

The business was developed to operate throughout the world. In 2012, it opened its subsidiary, BI LEI, in Shanghai, China.

Want to know more about our subsidiary in China? Click here. 

From a safety/security approach to the products we distribute, we were awarded our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate in 2013. A voluntary and partnership-based approach with customs, the AEO status allows businesses operating in international trade to acquire a quality label on the customs and safety/security processes it implements. It helps set the most reliable companies apart in their exports.

RVB de base

FIT has also developed its own brand of consumer products for export: Natur’lait. We’ve surrounded ourselves with select dairies to provide a quality product. Our goal: to offer products tailored to your local consumer regulations while continuing to highlight and develop the image of quality French products.

Explore our Natur’lait products: whipping creamUHT milk and flavoured milk.

FIT in the international market:

  • A thorough knowledge of international trade rules and strategies
  • Market know-how
  • An extensive network with an outsourcing process for our customers
  • EU-based or cross trade orders
  • Its own logistics
  • Customer account inventories
  • Document management
  • Commitment to customer specifications
  • Qualitative pre-approval procedures

Some export data

  • 45% of revenues are international
  • Sales cover: European Union, Africa, Asia, North and South America
  • Purchases cover: European Union, North and South Americas, South-East Asia
  • FIT operates in 51 countries

Are you looking for a reliable partner?

Importers of dairy ingredients and/or consumer dairy products

FIT is committed to providing the best products to its customers. FIT has therefore partnered up with select dairy partners. Its competitive and selective sourcing allows it to expand its range of dairy ingredients.

Explore the complete range of dairy ingredients available for export by clicking here.

FIT looks for the best possible supply source for you. We offer our own and private-label consumer products to meet nutritional criteria and your local regulations.

Click here to explore the finished products distributed by FIT for export.

Looking for a particular product?

Feel free to fill in our contact form. Or contact us on 02 99 53 88 88.

Ingredient and dairy ingredient suppliers

FIT represents dairies and ingredient producers on the French market.

Want to be represented by a reliable agent on the French market for the sale of your ingredients?

Feel free to fill in our contact form. Or contact us on 02 99 53 88 88.