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FIT assists you in your technical issues (process, formulations…)

29 November 2016

Are you looking for a technical solution for your dairy formulations?

Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of dairy ingredients, FIT provides you with personalised advice regarding all your questions whether they concern your industrial process or your product formulations. 

You will find below a few examples of issues FIT can help you with:

  • You are having a syneresis issue with your finished products
  • You are facing a liaison dephasing after a transfer through pumping
  • You are looking for a texturant and/or thickening solution
  • You wish to achieve an objective of adapted nutritional value 
  • You are encountering difficulties with you industrial process

FIT has THE technical solution and ANSWERS your questions.

Contact us to benefit from our technical advice at 00 33 2 99 53 88 88

Tailor-made products to meet your needs

FIT assists your R&D department in your product formulations.

FIT has developed a range of tailor-made products: dairy preparations for industrial applications.

le procédé de fabrication des poudres de lait

Highly functional solutions

FIT rigorously selects ingredients with technical and functional properties, based on milk proteins, lactose, whey, caseins and other dairy ingredients.

Thus, FIT is able to offer you on request every possible formulation with varied functional properties: gelling, emulsifying, thickening, whipping, stabilizing properties, with optimal organoleptic qualities and adjustable protein content. 

These dairy based preparations also have other significant advantages for the industrial sector. Among others, they enable:

  • A cost adjustment through the development of cost-effective solutions
  • The optimisation of recipes
  • An improvement of the industrial process thanks to their simplified use (easy-to-use solution and available in small series)

These products meet the requirements of various industrial applications: catering, delicatessen, ready-cooked dishes, chocolate, fresh products (such as yoghurts), ice cream, special breads, pastry.

Here are a few examples of dairy preparations distributed by FIT:

  • Dairy base for bechamel
  • Ingredients for quiche
  • Sauce binder and stabiliser
  • Ingredients for chocolate
  • Milk solution for ice cream
  • Milk replacer for yoghurts and fresh products
  • Blends for nutritional / dietetic product applications (bars, sport…)


Our team is available to answer all your questions and to study your request with you.