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82% fat butter

82% fat butter is a protected designation with several functional properties

“ Butter” is defined by the first article of the December 20th 1988 decree. It is a designation legally protected in France and in the European Union. The designation “ Butter” may only be used for water-in-dairy fat emulsion obtained by physical processes. All its ingredients are dairy-based. It is manufactured from pasteurized, frozen or deep-frozen cream. Butter must contain for 100 grams of finished product at least 82 grams of butyric fat, 2 grams of non-fat dry matter and maximum 16 grams of water (for unsalted butter).

Functional properties of 82% fat butter

Butter owes its excellent image to its exceptional tasting qualities and to its functional properties: good mouthfeel, texture and conservation.

  • Mouthfeel comes from the ratio of solid and liquid fractions of butter according to the temperature.
  • Texture: butter gives shortbread a typical friability. For sheeted or laminated dough (croissants, pain au chocolat), rheological qualities of butter allow a good development of the dough and high-quality pastry.
  • Shelf life: Butter fat prevents water loss during cooking in the oven. It also slows down staling.

Product information

Various types of 82% fat butters

82% fat butters may be gathered in 3 categories:

1/ 82% fat lactic butters:

  • Traditional butter: churned after lactic and physical maturation.
  • NIZO butter: churned after physical maturation and lactic ferments added directly in the butter.
  • Winter butter: Winter manufacturing suitable for pastry-making.
  • AOP
  • Organic Butter

2/ 82% fat sweet cream butters: without lactic ferments, churned after physical maturation. (association of time and temperature)

3/ 82% fat technological butters:

  • Textured Butters: the most broadly used technological butter in French pastry. It is the right alternative to winter butters while giving all year long a regular texture and production performance. Textured butter allows manufacturing of oven ready pastries.
  • Textured or recombined butter with modified melting point: sandwich butter, textured butter for pastry dough…
  • Tourage butter

FIT may offer various types of 82% fat butters

FIT works closely with several European dairy farms. As a result we may offer a broad range of butters to meet all your needs:

  • Salted and unsalted lactic butter,
  • Carotene-coloured butter,
  • Organic butter,
  • NIZO butter,
  • Churned butter,
  • Sweet cream butter,
  • Sheeting butter,
  • Sandwich butter,
  • Winter butter,
  • Textured butter: according to your manufacturing constraints.

Many origins are available.

10 kg blocks, 25 kg cubes in cartons boxes or without.


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Products' advantages

Shelf life
Crumbly texture supply in the shortbread doughs
Quality lamination in the puff or flaky pastries

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