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Acid whey

Acid whey powder

Acid whey comes from soft white cheese and acid casein manufacturing

Acid whey comes from:

  • Soft white cheese manufacturing such as ricotta, mascarpone, Petit Suisse cheese
  • Acid casein

Product information

Acid whey powder manufacturing technique

Acid whey is made from milk coagulation with acidifier. Brittle, firm and permeable curds are then produced.

Acid whey powder is manufactured by drying fresh whey obtained from soft white cheese,. Microbial fermentation lowers milk pH and changes lactose into lactic acid.

Lactose content of acid whey powder is lower than sweet whey powder. Its acid number is higher, it has, as a result, a more acidic taste than sweet whey.

Acid whey from casein manufacturing is obtained by forming a precipitate of casein in sulphuric acid

Acid whey acidity reaches 120° Dornic (around 4,5 pH)

Products' advantages

Lactose content lower than sweet whey powder
Acid whey acidity reaches 120° Dornic (around 4,5 pH)

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