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Bechamel application

A range of dairy based preparations intended for sauces applications

By rigorously selecting ingredients with technical and functional properties and that may be rich in milk proteins, lactose, whey, caseins…we can provide on request any possible formulation with various functional properties: gelling, emulsifying, thickening, whipping, stabilizing properties, with optimal organoleptic qualities and adjustable protein content.

Significant benefits  for your recipes

Besides enabling cost adjustment by the development of cost-effective solutions, our dairy based preparations also optimize your recipes with new specific functionalities such as: sensory profile, texture, fluidity, moisture, taste or rheology improvement.

Fitmix for bechamel sauce may be used as a total or partial substitute for milk powder. 

Product information

A complete range of milk replacers for sauces applications such as bechamel

FIT provides a complete range of custom-made solutions for sauces applications with adjustable protein and fat contents.  

We offer you custom-made blends according to your requests.

For example, we can offer you:

  • Fitmix 18.1 béchamel : a milk replacer with a protein content of 18%, composed of sweet and demineralised whey, milk powder and caseinates. 25 kg bag. 
  • Fitmix 18.2 béchamel : a milk replacer with a protein content of 18% composed of sweet whey, milk powder and WPC 35%. 25 kg bag. 

Thanks to our rigorous selection of ingredients and according to your request, we can help you offer roundness, smoothness, texture control and a creamy taste to your bechamel sauces.

Products' advantages

Rigorous selection of ingredients with technical and functional properties
Any possible formulation on request
Cost adjustment (profitable solutions)
Easy to use and reduced storage

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