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Calcium caseinate

Calcium caseinates, products particularly useful for their high nutritional values

Calcium caseinates, proteins of particular interest for their nutritional values related to the alkali calcium carbonate

Caseinates are manufactured from acid caseine. These are proteins used for their numerous functional properties (emulsification, foaming, stabilising or thickening) and for their nutritional and dietary qualities.

Product information

Manufacturing calcium caseinates

Calcium caseinates are made from fresh skimmed milk. The proteins in the curd are made soluble and functional by neutralisation. This is done using an alkali containing calcium before continuing to drying.

Adding calcium alkali makes this caseinate particularly interesting for its nutritional values. In fact, calcium is an essential mineral for human consumption, which is involved in the renewal of cells in the body. It performs many functions at the level of vital organs, contributing to several essential health functions (cell reproduction, muscle contraction, heart and nervous system activity, blood clotting) and plays an important role in skeletal development and maintenance (bone construction and health).

The industrial applications of calcium caseinate


  • Baby Food
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Dietary products
  • Cheese and processed cheese

Calcium caseinates offered by FIT

  • Extruded calcium caseinate, 25 kg bag
  • Spray calcium caseinate, 25 kg bag, made from skimmed fresh pasteurized milk, spray dried. Low viscosity, excellent thermal stability and dispersion, white colour in solution. Ideal for clinical nutrition, dietary supplements and sports products.
  • Roller calcium caseinate, 20kg bag
  • Calcium caseinate spray, instant, 25 kg bag – Instant calcium caseinate made from skimmed fresh pasteurized milk. Fully dispersible, low viscosity, neutral taste.
    • 1/ Precipitation of casein acid
    • 2 / Proceed to of direct neutralization
    • 3 / Spray Drying
    • 4 / Addition of lecithin

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