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Potassium caseinate

Potassium caseinates, high protein concentration and significant nutritional values

Potassium caseinates, proteins particularly of interest for their nutritional values connected with alkali potassium

Caseinates are manufactured from acid caseine. These are proteins used for their numerous functional properties (emulsification, foaming, stabilising or thickening) and for their nutritional and dietary qualities.

Product information

The manufacture of potassium caseinate: acidification of the milk, precipitation of casein, addition of the alkali potassium, then drying

Potassium caseinates are made from fresh skimmed milk. The proteins in the curd are made soluble and functional by neutralisation. This is done using an alkali containing potassium prior to drying.

The addition of the alkali potassium makes this caseinate particularly useful for its nutritional value. Effectively, potassium is an electrolyte (conducting material), a key material for the transmission of nerve impulses. It is an essential mineral for human consumption.

Potassium caseinate, derived from skimmed milk, has a high protein concentration which gives it a high activity level, but also excellent solubilizing properties.

The industrial applications of potassium caseinate


  • Clinical Nutrition: potassium contributes to protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. It can reduce the risk of hypertension.
  • Infant Nutrition: potassium is essential for the proper functioning of cells.
  • Sports nutrition: potassium is essential for muscle contraction including the heart muscle.

Caseinates offered by FIT

FIT, a partner with the largest dairies in France and Europe, can offer you:

  • Spray potassium caseinate, 25kg bag
    • Good nutritional value and excellent functional properties: good foam stability, water holding capacity, flow fluidity, low dusting level.
    • Suggested use: nutrition products, low sodium diets, soups and sauces
  • Extruded potassium caseinates, 25kg bag

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Products' advantages

High protein concentration
Excellent solubilizing properties

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