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Sodium caseinate

Sodium caseinates, proteins used in the food, diet, and sports industries for their many functional properties

Sodium caseinate, good nutritional value and excellent technological and functional properties

Caseinates are manufactured from acid casein. These are proteins used for their numerous functional properties (emulsification, foaming, stabilising or thickening) and for their nutritional and dietary qualities.

Product information

Manufacturing sodium caseinate: milk acid precipitation, neutralisation of acid caseins by sodium hydroxide, drying

Sodium caseinates are made from fresh skimmed milk. The curds from the skim milk acid coagulation is solubilised by neutralisation. The protein contained in the curd is then rendered soluble and functional. An alkali containing sodium (soda, sodium hydroxide) is then added before the dehydration (drying) step. Such highly purified proteins have good nutritional value and excellent functional properties: emulsification, thickening, texturizing and low viscosity.

The neutralisation is carried out dry in an extruder. The dry extraction of the final product is close to 94%. Before being packaged, extruded sodium caseinates are crushed. This allows particle size to be adapted.

Sodium caseinate in the food, dietary, and sports industries

Some possible applications of sodium caseinate are:

  • Dietetics (clinical Nutrition, slimming)
  • Sports nutrition
  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee whiteners
  • Meat processing (sausage)

Sodium caseinates offered by FIT

  • Spray sodium caseinates, 20 kg polyethylene lined bag – Good nutritional value and excellent functional properties: emulsion and thickening.
    • Suggested uses: dietetics, sports, nutrition and food industries
  • Roller sodium caseinates, 20 kg multi-ply bag, lined with polyethylene
  • Extruded sodium caseinates, 25 kg multi-ply bag, lined with polyethylene

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