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Acid casein

Acid casein, a milk protein with various functional properties

Acid casein, a product with many interesting functional properties

Acid casein for food is obtained by separation, wash and coagulum dessiccation of skimmed milk precipitated with acid.

To obtain acid casein, pH of pasteurised skimmed milk is increased to reach isoelectric point in order to make the casein insoluble.

Product information

Acid casein functional properties and their industrial applications

Caseins are mostly used for their nutritional and functional qualities.

  • Texture improvement
  • Water retention
  • Emulsifier property


  • Melted cheese or analogue
  • Biscuits
  • Diet bread
  • Dietary and healthcare products

Acid casein is also the raw material used to manufacture caseinates.

Acid caseins offered by FIT

  • Acid casein, 25kg-bag or bulk
  • Attrition acid casein, 25kg-bag or bulk

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Products' advantages

Texture improvement
Water retention
Emulsifier property

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