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Organic cream

Organic cream for industrial applications

Product information

Organic cream complies with strict regulations

Creams bearing the AB logo (Agriculture Biologique – Organic agriculture) are manufactured in accordance with the strict regulations of organic agriculture:

  • Cows that produce milk must have been bred and fed with feed mainly farm-produced and cultivated according to the strict organic agriculture regulations.
  • Organic dairy products depend on a specific manufacturing circuit. They contain no taste enhancer, no dye, no synthetic chemical flavour. Additive use is very limited.

Two logos ensure the respect of organic production regulations:


The European organic logo is compulsory on all organic food products prepackaged within the European Union. It states the production location, the agricultural raw materials the product is made of (“EU Agriculture”, “non-EU Agriculture” or “EU/non-EU Agriculture” with possibility to indicate the country), as well as the code number of the certifying body. National and private logos may be added.

The AB logo is French and not compulsory. Exclusive property of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forests who defines the usage rules. This logo identifies 100% organic products (containing at least 95% of organic agricultural products for transformed products) as does the European logo.

Thanks to its numerous partnerships, FIT may offer organic cream. Please click here to contact us.

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Products' advantages

Sans exhausteurs de goût
Sans colorants
Sans arômes chimiques de synthèse
Utilisation d'additifs très fortement limitée

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