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35% fat cream

35% fat cream for industrial applications

35% fat cream in food industry

Cream is an emulsion of fat globules in water. It is obtained by milk skimming followed by homogenisation to stabilise the emulsion.

The designation “cream” may only be used for products containing at least 30% fat.

35% fat cream is usually used in industry to be overrun. It may be pasteurised or sterilised. In both cases, in order to obtain a good overrun emulsion, cream must be stored between 4 and 6°C for several hours (usually 24 hours).

Product information

FIT offers you a full range of 35% fat creams for all your industrial applications: 

  • Liquid or thick 35% fat cream, with or without carrageenan, pasteurised or UHT.
    • Industrial packagings: pallecon, container, bucket, hose, poach.
    • Consumer packagings: brick, bottle.

For 35% fat sterilised cream, carrageenan adjunction stablises the cream. Carrageenans improve emulsion stability during sterilisation, reduce creaming during storage and help get the expected texture.

Please click here to read more about the 35% fat cream for out-of-home catering developed under our brand Natur’lait especially adapted for whipping.

Industrial applications of 35% fat cream

  • Overrun
  • Crème Chantilly
  • Mousse
  • Pastry
  • Fresh dairy products

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Products' advantages

Taste and flavours enhancer
Emulsifying property
Whitening property
Browning of cooked aliments

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