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Crème fraîche

Crème fraîche especially intended for industrial applications

Crème fraîche, a regulated designation for an unsterilised product

Cream is an emulsion of fat globules in water. It is obtained by milk skimming followed by homogenisation to stabilise the emulsion.

Crème fraîche is a designation regulated by the 80-313 decree of April 23rd 1980 that states:

“May be sold with the designation “crème fraîche” or “light crème fraîche”, within a maximum delay decided by ruling of the Minister of Agriculture, cream or light cream that comply with the following conditions:

Undergo no sanitation heat treatment other than pasteurisation;

Be packed on the production location in the 24 hours following production.”

Product information

Crème fraîche nutritional properties

With more than 65% water, 12 to 40 % lipids, crème fraîche is the least caloric fat (less than oil, lard, margarine and butter).

Various types of crème fraîche and their manufacturing processes

The various types of crème fraîche may be distinguished by their fat content (30, 35, 12 %) and their consistency (liquid or thick). Combining these criteria makes it possible to obtain a broad range of products.

As a result, crème fraîche may be thick or liquid and bear the designation crème fraîche or light crème fraîche depending on its fat content.

For thick crème fraîche, cream is sown with ferments after pasteurisation. These ferments are selected microorganisms (lactococcus, streptococcus, leuconostoc). This maturation step lasts between 16 and 20 hours at 12 to 23°C. Ferments thicken the cream, slightly increase its acidity and also act on its taste.

Liquid crème fraîche is simply a crème fraîche that has not been fermented.

Crème fraîche storing conditions

Crème fraîche must be chilled and stored in a cold room. Storage and conservation conditions are well supervised. Temperature must be below 6°C and shelf life is short, thus the product keeps its freshness. Crème fraîche is a fresh dairy produce.

Crème fraîche offered by FIT

FIT offers you:

  • Thick crème fraîche, 30% fat
  • Light thick crème fraîche, 15% fat
  • Liquid crème fraîche, 35% fat
  • Liquid crème fraîche, 30% fat
  • Light liquid crème fraîche, 20% fat
  • Packagings: bucket, container (aseptic poach), bulk

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Products' advantages

Composition: more than 65% water, 12 to 40 % lipids
The least caloric fat

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