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Lysine, essential amino acid for animal nutrition

FIT is the exclusive importer of amino acids for animal nutrition for the company ADM for France.

ADM understands the challenges that producers and users of animal foodstuffs need to overcome and has therefore developed a broad range of products from basic ingredients to specialised ingredients to allow its clients to formulate specific diets in order to optimise production, benefits and health of the animal.

The key to success: ADM ingredients are composed of numerous co-products derived from maize, oleaginous and wheat transformation. These co-products provide proteins, energy, fibers, glucides, minerals and vitamins to the breeders in order to meet the feeding needs from a dietary point of view. They are true alternatives to cost-savingly formulated ingredients (called “low cost”).

Thanks to advanced fermentation technology, ADM converts dextrose from maize transformation into two essential amino acids: lysine and threonine. These amino acids are used for swine and poultry industries in order to formulate diets that allow performance optimisation and also answer environmental concerns.

Product information

Lysine, essential component of animal nutrition

Lysine is an amino acid, one of the basic components of proteins. It is usually used to balance a diet and optimise animal growth (poultry and swine livestocks and aquaculture). It is in particular the first amino acid that poultry and swine livestocks use for feeding in volumes and frequency.

Lysine is an essential amino acid for poultry and pig farming.

L-Lysine, a supplement optimising production

L-lysine offers a good value for money to complement aliments that are low or deficient in lysine. Initially used to feed pigs and poultry, L-lysine also meets food supplement needs of aquaculture. Dairy cow diet may also benefit from L-lysine supplements.

Transported in bulk and administrated  by a computer-controlled dosage system, 50%-liquid L-lysine offers an efficient alternative to traditional dry L-lysine. Complementing diet with L-lysine reduces protein rate and also reduces nitrogen emission unlike native lysine contained in vegetal proteins that does not allow an optimised use by the animal.

Lysine commercialised by FIT

  • 50% liquid L-Lysine in tank
  • 98,5% HCL powder L-lysine in big-bag, bulk or 25kg-bags

Products' advantages

Helps balance a diet
Helps optimise animal growth

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