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Milk protein isolate (MPI)

Discover milk protein isolate, MPI

Isolates of milk protein, with high concentration of protein

MPI (milk protein isolates) are protein concentrates containing more than 85% of proteins. The protein material rate varies depending on the level of membrane concentration. These are obtained by milk ultrafiltration and/or microfiltration. The latest generation of MPI consist in controlling the content of minerals, particularly calcium.

MPI are products with a wide range of uses in the cheese industry

In dairy, MPI are usually recommended more often than MPC, because these technologies do not require a particular lactose supply. Native caseins are sought after for their rheological qualities in traditional cheese or in texturing melted cheeses. MPI can be used for all types of cheeses: fresh cheeses, soft cheeses and hard cheeses, with spun pastes, and processed cheese.

Isolates of specific proteins

Very specific MPI come from dairy products membrane separation and allow for obtaining milk soluble proteins. This makes it possible to obtain new isolates with very specific properties in terms of their purity and functionality.

Product information

Milk protein isolates offered by FIT

FIT can offer you:

  • MPI, Isolates of proteins from spray dried milk, made from fresh skimmed milk by ultrafiltration.
  • Good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins at the same ratio as found naturally in milk.
  • Very good solubility and heat stability.
  • Used in a variety of applications, both functional and nutritional.
  • Adapted for use where the flavour of the lactose is essential.
  • Applications:
    • Powdered nutritional drinks and nutritional drinks
    • Protein-enriched milk drinks
    • Yoghurts and other fermented milk products
    • Processed cheese and similar products

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Products' advantages

Source of native micellar casein
Source of whey proteins
Very good solubility and heat stability

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