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Milk replacer

Milk replacer, made-to-measure formulas to answer your industrial needs

A specific range: fitmix

Milk replacers are dairy products, most often in a powdery form, obtained by separation and blend of ingredients or milk components from milk cracking. There are used in partial or total substitution of liquid milk or milk powder. 

Their typical contents give them specific technical-functional properties. They may contain various ingredients according to industrial needs, then, we talk about dairy blends:

  • lactic matters:
    • skimmed milk powder
    • whey
    • whey proteins
    • caseinates
    • lactose…
  • fat: when fat is added to the mix, the powder is said to be fattened. Fat may come from a vegetal or a dairy source. 
  • natural and animal proteins
  • various additives: vitamins, trace elements, minerals…

These are custom-formulated products manufactured according to specific industrial applications.

Milk replacers are mainly adapted for the whole food industry: food and feed. They are used in the formulation of many dietary powders, infant powders…