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UHT milk

Milk: a nutrient-rich and functional food

A source of high-quality proteins, rich in calcium, vitamins B2 and B12, phosphorus and potassium,  milk is recognized as being an essential part of a healthy diet for all ages.

Click here to learn more about UHT milk and its nutritional properties.

UHT milk from FIT’s range of finished products

FIT developed a wide range of UHT milk under its NATUR’LAIT brand to meet the demands of major export markets. It offers “classic” UHT milk:

  • NATUR’LAIT whole UHT milk – 50 mL bottles and 200 mL cartons
  • NATUR’LAIT semi-skimmed UHT milk – 50 mL bottles and 200 mL cartons

Complemented by a range of flavoured UHT milk to suit all palates.

Click here to discover our flavoured milk range