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The many advantages of milk powder for the industry

12 July 2016

Milk powder has many properties that are required for industrial formulations, for instance it whitens the formulation and gives it more texture. Milk powder also offers the following advantages:

  • Production cost optimisation: no refrigeration is needed for dry storage,

  • Longer preservation: at room temperature, in a cool and dry location,

  • Easy to export: shipping container for dry products,

  • Packaging suitable for industrial facilities: bags, big bags, bulk, tank…

Several techniques for drying milk

Milk powders are manufactured from full cream milk and skimmed cream milk through a dehydration process.

Two types of drying are used:

  • Spray drying: milk is vaporised as droplets in a drying room (warm and dry atmosphere) and is collected as powder. It is referred to as spray milk powder.
  • Roller drying: milk travels outside two rotating rollers that are heated from the inside and is collected as flakes. It is referred to as roller milk powder.

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