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Drained curd cheese

A broad range of drained curd cheeses

Drained curd like fromage blanc or fresh cheese distributed by FIT

Product information

Manufacturing steps to obtain drained curd cheese

Once milk is treated and pasteurised, it goes through a curdling stage necessary to manufacture cheese.

Thanks to rennet and lactic ferments, milk is going to coagulate. Whey, or lactoserum, is going to separate from curd which will create a paste that is the basis of this cheese. Cheese is then moulded. After that step, fromage blanc and fresh cheese may be consumed.

Extra ingredients may also be added in the composition (sugar, salt, garlic, herbs, pepper, chopped onion, raisins). Cheese may also be enriched with fat (double and triple cream).

Various drained curd cheeses

  • Fromages blancs: unrefined, these cheeses underwent a mainly lactic fermentation. We know them as “fromage blanc” but also as well drained curd cheese, fontainebleau (with adjunction of whipped cream), petit-suisse, curd, demi-sel…. Those who contain living flora may be designated “fresh fromage blanc” or “fresh cheese”. Fromages blancs also differ by their fat content. Petit-suisse, for instance, contains less than 10% fat.
  • Fresh cheese: good source of minerals (calcium, phosphorus and B9-vitamin)

Drained curd cheese offered by FIT

Thanks to its European industrial partners, FIT offers you a broad range of fromages blancs packed in buckets or tanks.

Please click here to read more about our range of fromages blancs.

Products' advantages

Fromages blancs with various fat contents
Fresh cheeses, sources of minerals (calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B9)

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