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Whey protein isolate (WPI)

WPI for nutritional and dietary purposes

WPI, products with high nutritional properties

WPI, or Whey Protein Isolates, are products with a protein content of 85%. They are obtained by concentration and purification of the WPC. They are derived from whey.

These ingredients are used in manufacturing reconstituted milk products, dietary products, nutrition and sports drinks.

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Product information

Beneficial nutritional properties for health

Whey protein isolates are  pure proteins, offering many advantages:

  • Low lactose content (content <1%)
  • Low lipid rates
  • Low residual sodium content

WPI are used particularly in manufacturing reconstituted dairy products, dietary products, baby food and sports drinks. These products are easily digested and help the body recover after exercise (especially for the formation of muscles). They also contribute to the proper growth and optimal development of young children due to their high amino acids content.

Division properties that are largely developed

When a higher protein concentration and a lower concentration of lactose are wanted, it’s preferable to use WPI. Whey protein isolates are used in foods for their physicochemical, functional, and organoleptic properties to provide texture, structure or to give a different flavour or colour.

The considerable interest in milk proteins as well as in their considerable functional, nutritional and biological properties have made protein separation methods a popular topic of study for the past forty years. As a result, separation techniques have developed significantly, thanks to advances in engineering processes and a better knowledge of the physical chemistry of milk.

Separation processes with membranes are mainly used on an industrial scale for obtaining protein concentrates and isolates, while chromatographic techniques are ideal for obtaining purified and functional separations.

Protein concentrates obtained by ion exchange chromatography are known as “isolates” and have a protein content of about 90%. They are completely lactose free and have a low mineral content. This chromatographic technique can result in high purity protein separations.

The many functional properties of whey proteins

Whey proteins are  extracted in a non-denatured form using a membrane technique (CMF:  cross-flow microfiltration). This technology ensures the highest level of un-denatured protein available (ideal native serum).  The ideal native serum is obtained from pure milk (skimmed milk) without passing through processing at cheese or casein factories. The end result guarantees neutral and functional products with few minerals but high in essential amino acids that support well-being, health, quality and better absorption.

WPI propose functional properties of great interest:

  • Gelling/viscosity

Applications: confectionery, soups and sauces

  • Hydrophilic agent/water retention capacity: reduction of formulation costs
  • Solubility in the range of pH 1 to 8: they can be used in beverages with low pH levels without causing settling, and they are also used in pastries and biscuits
  • Foaming and whipping ability: stable film

Applications: dietary products, desserts (muslins, whipped cream toppings, etc.)

  • Emulsifying capacity: proteins stabilize fat emulsions

Applications: sausages, soups, ice cream

Their properties, combined with a high solubility, a neutral taste and unique feature make WPI a product of choice for a wide variety of applications:

  • Enriched beverages
  • Sports drinks
  • Dry nutritional mixes
  • Dietary products

The whey protein isolate offered by FIT

Thanks to a selected partner, FIT is able to offer you a whey protein isolate derived from sweet whey. Whey proteins were extracted in a non-denatured way using a membrane technique (CMF: cross-flow microfiltration) from cheese or casein factories. Its properties, combined with its high solubility, a neutral taste, and a unique functionality make it a protein of choice for a wide variety of applications. Its agglomerated shape allows the protein to disperse easily.

Packagings: 15 or 20 kg bags

Products' advantages

Hydrophilic agent/water retention capacity
Solubility in the range of pH 1 to 8
Foaming and whipping ability
Emulsifying capacity

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