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Sweet whey

Sweet whey powder

Sweet whey is a product derived from the manufacturing of pressed cheese or of rennet caseins

Many purposes exist for whey either in human food or in animal feeding. Nonetheless, its 94% of water content, its high salinity level and its capacity to alter easily make it hard to promote its liquid form.

On the contrary its dehydrated form offers many possibilities. Nowadays, thanks to technical progresses, one can distinguish between whey according to liquid acidity: above or below 1,8g of lactic acid for one litre.

A specific whey may be associated to a specific cheese and to a specific manufacturing step.

Product information

Sweet whey is derived from:

  • Pressed cheese manufacturing either cooked or uncooked like Emmental, Comté or Edam
  • Rennet casein manufacturing

Whey powder manufacturing technique

Whey powder is obtained by coagulating milk with rennet or enzymes of rennet. It gives flabby, gelatinous and impermeable curds. Whey is then skimmed and dried.

Sweet whey acidity ranges from 15 to 22° Dornic (around 6,5 pH).

Our sweet whey powders are spray dried, which gives powder a good flow, a low hygroscopicity, a good fluidity  and a low tendency to clump.

Advantages and organoleptic qualities of sweet whey powder

  • Source of carbohydrates,
  • Good emulsion capacity,
  • Browning properties,
  • Texture (for bakery, dairy produce and confectionery applications),
  • Milky slightly sweet taste,
  • May serve as adjuvant in cooking preparation,
  • Low hygroscopicity,
  • Cost optimisation: cost-effective alternative to skimmed milk powder,
  • Very good fluidity, good flow,
  • Low tendency to clump.

Potential uses of sweet whey powder

Bakery, confectionery, ice cream, melted cheese, sauces, soups and meat-based emulsions applications.

Sweet whey powder distributed by FIT

FIT, as a dairy produce supplier, can offer you:

  • Sweet whey from cheese manufacturing or casein manufacturing, concentrated then spray dried:
    • Shelf life 18 to 24 months
    • 25kg-bag 3-ply with metallocene inner bag welded by heat and thermoglued
    • 25kg-bag multi-ply with polyethylene inner liner welded by heat or closed by goose-neck system
    • Big bag: Polyethylene inner bag
  • High fluidity sweet whey from cheese manufacturing, concentrated then spray dried giving the powder a good flow and low hygroscopicity:
    • Shelf life 18 months
    • 25kg-bag with 3-ply metallocene  inner bag welded by heat and thermoglued
    • Big bag: polyethylene inner bag


Products' advantages

Source of carbohydrates
Good emulsion capacity
Browning properties
Texture (for bakery, dairy produce and confectionery applications)
Low hygroscopicity
Very good fluidity, good flow

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