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Milk permeate

Milk permeate powder and its dairy industrial applications

Milk permeate powder, protein standardisation for dairy produce and industrial applications

Milk permeate is obtained after elimination by ultrafiltration of milk proteins and dairy fat contained in the milk, the semi-skimmed milk or the skimmed milk.

Milk permeate, rich in NPN and in urea, has a stabilising effect on casein micelles. It is preferably used as a bulking agent or as a protein standardisation agent.


Product information

Manufacturing process of milk permeate by ultrafiltration

  • Reception of pre-concentrated milk permeate: obtained after extraction of protein and milk fat by ultrafiltration. It undergoes a heat treatment at least equivalent to a pasteurisation, that may happen in a liquid form before or after the manufacturing process.
  • Vacuum concentration
  • Crystallisation
  • Spray drying
  • Storage

It is also possible to find demineralised milk permeate.

Instant milk permeate

Liquid permeate may be concentrated, before spray drying and crystallisation. A good concentrate crystallisation favours the permeate powder capacity to dissolve into water. The powder is then instant.

Powder milk permeate distributed by FIT

FIT offers you a milk permeate from milk ultrafiltration. Concentrated then dehydrated by an original process of atomisation, giving powder as a result a good flow and a reduced hygroscopicity.

Possible packagings: 25kg bags or big bags

Industrial applications of powdered milk permeate

Applications :

  • Chocolate manufacturing
  • Candy making (food excipient)
  • Dairy produce standardisation

Products' advantages

Excellent bulking agent
Reduced hygroscopicity
Protein rate standardisation
Good fluidity and flow
Reduction of production costs (mixtures and preparations)

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