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Mozzarella, unripened cheese for ready-cooked dishes and pizzas

Mozzarella in industrial applications

According to CODEX STAN 262-2006, mozzarella is an unripened cheese. Its texture is composed of long parallel proteic fibers and no curd grains. It is a smooth product whose conditions of conservation inhibit the creation of a crust.

Product information

Manufacturing process

The first step of mozzarella manufacturing requires that milk should be pasteurised. Mozzarella is a fresh cheese, consumed without ripening. Milk must be pasteurised to ensure safety.

Mozzarella manufacturing generally happens with the “pasta filata” process:

  • Heating, kneading and curd stretching to obtain of a smooth and lumpless product.
  • Curd cutting and moulding while it is still hot.
  • Cooling down of the product to give it a firmer texture.

Many functional and organoleptic properties

  • Elasticity thanks to caseins
  • Uniform melt thanks to a specific network protein/fat
  • Browning (when heated), Maillard reaction between proteins and residual lactose
  • Sweet taste
  • Adds viscosity (when melted)

Mozzarella is used in many food preparations

  • Ready-cooked dishes: italian meals (lasagna) and pizzas (it forms the melted stuffing)
  • Soups and sauces: melted mozzarella gives texture.

Mozzarella offered by FIT

FIT may offer you:

  • Mozzarella block

Products' advantages

Uniform melt
Browning (when heated)
Sweet taste
Adds viscosity (when melted)

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