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Natural dairy products flavours

A complete range of natural dairy flavours

Natural flavours are directly derived from raw materials that have the desired flavour, they keep as a result a genuine taste.

Natural flavours, a regulated designation

Regulation 1334/2008 from the European Parliament and Council defines usage conditions for the designation “natural” relating to flavours and flavouring substances.

Physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes may be used to manufacture a “natural flavouring substance”  from materials of vegetal, animal or microbiological origin. These natural flavouring substances may be matched with essences that are naturally present in nature.

The designation “natural” for this type of ingredients may indeed only be used under certain conditions:

  • The designation “natural” linked to a flavour or a flavouring substance cannot mislead the consumer regarding the final product.
  • The designation “natural” may be used to describe a flavour if flavouring agents are exclusively of natural origin.
  • Flavour sources are to be mentioned on the label except if the base material may not be recognised in the flavouring or in the taste of the food product.
  • The designation of the base material and the designations of other flavours – that may be added during preparation to confer a peculiar taste – must appear in the designation of the final flavour. This rule applies if less than 95% of the flavoring fraction from the source material refered into the flavoring name are used in the preparation of it, and if the source material flavour remains nevertheless recognizable.

Product information

Many advantages thanks to flavour use

  • An intense taste thanks to a concentration higher than in the natural product
  • Cost savings thanks to precise dosages
  • Natural flavour standardisation to maintain a constant flavouring
  • Clear flavouring distinction between different products

100% natural products

Cheese natural flavours are manufactured by the technological process EMC (Enzyme Modified Cheese). The EMC process consists in enzyme inoculation to manufacture flavouring components and optimises fermentation by naturally speeding ageing of a young cheese. This process has many advantages such as a genuine conservation of natural cheese flavours, a strong flavouring intensity (15 to 30 times stronger than in traditional cheese) and a dosage lower in raw material which reduces formulation costs.

Natural dairy flavours offered by FIT

Thanks to its partner, FIT offers you a complete range of natural dairy flavours in powder, liquid or paste  in tank or in 20kg-bag for your food preparations. 

Products' advantages

Intense taste: concentration of flavours
Cost savings: exact dosing
Clear flavouring distinction

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