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Roller cream powder

Roller drying gives cream powder a caramelised flavour

Drying technique has a direct impact on product properties.

Roller drying is particularly appreciated in the dairy industry for peculiar applications such as the manufacturing of milk powder with high free fat content or “maillardised” milk powder for chocolate manufacturing and also for the manufacturing of some caseinate powders.

Drying by boiling consists in transferring to the product at boiling temperature a heat flow through a surface of latent heat exhange. As for vacuum evaporation, the quantity of evaporated water is in these conditions directly proportional to the energy intake (latent heat of vaporisation).

Roller drying is particularly appreciated in chocolate and biscuits manufacturing because it helps provoking a lactose caramelisation and browning. High temperature causes indeed what is called the Maillard reaction: the result of the chemical reaction happening at high temperature between milk sugar (lactose) and proteins causes a browning of the product and the development of flavours.

Product information

Manufacturing process of roller cream powder

  • Separation of raw milk
  • Heat treatment: skimmed milk pasteurisation, temperature is raised to 72°C for a short period of 15 seconds in order to destroy microorganisms present in the food, thus ensuring its innocuousness and a longer conservation.
  • Evaporation
  • 42% fat rate adjustment
  • Hot roller drying: milk circulates between the external walls of two close rotary cylinders, heated from the inside. Milk is collected as flakes. Such a process is a dehydration by contact.
  • Packaging

Advantages and applications of 42% fat roller cream powder

  • Excellent source of fat
  • Caramelised note
  • Creamy typical taste
  • Lack of unusual odour or taste
  • Powdery and creamy texture, fluid flow
  • Improvement of product conservation
  • Easiness to manipulate
  • Very good alternative to liquid cream for the optimisation of production costs

Applications: bakery, pastry making, biscuits manufacturing, chocolate manufacturing, confectionery.

Roller cream powder offered by FIT

FIT offers you a cream powder containing at least 42% fat and a protein content of 18.8%. This cream powder is manufactured from pasteurised fresh cream and roller dried (process of heating cylinders). It is available in 25 kg bags.

Products' advantages

Excellent source of fat
Caramelised note
Creamy typical taste
Improvement of product conservation
Production costs optimisation

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