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Skimmed milk powder

Choose the skimmed milk powder suitable to your industrial sector and your product specifications

Skimmed milk powders are manufactured thank to a very simple process. They are obtained from fresh cow  milk that has been skimmed, pasteurised and concentrated by vacuum evaporation. This concentrated milk is then spray dried or roller dried.

The temperature at which the concentration happens indicates the characteristics of the 0% fat milk powder: Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat.

Product information

Skimmed milk powder uses

Skimmed milk powder is used as an alternative to fresh milk after dissolution in water or by direct addition of the powder in the formulation, for instance to standardise dry extract content or protein content.

Lecithin may also be added at the end of the drying session to obtain spray instant skimmed milk powder. Lecithin is used for its emulsifier properties that helps the powder rehydrate quickly.

Skimmed milk powder is mostly used in products based on reconstituted milk (yogurt, dairy dessert, ice creams…), in chocolates, in confectionery, in baby food, in animal feeding.

FIT offers an extensive range of skimmed milk powders

  • Standard skimmed milk powder (regular): Low Heat, Medium Heat, High Heat,
  • Agglomerate skimmed milk powder (semi-instant, without lecithin),
  • Instant skimmed milk powder (with lecithin),
  • Organic standard skimmed milk powder,
  • Organic instant skimmed milk powder.

Our skimmed milk powders come from spray drying, which is the most broadly used method in dairy industry.

(mg / g)
Low heat> 6
Medium heat1.5 - 5.99
High heat< 1.5

Classification of skimmed milk powders according to soluble proteins, WPNI stands for Whey Protein Nitrogen Index.

FIT offers a variety of packaging

Possible packaging: 25kg-bag, big bag, bulk. Other packagings may be available on demand.

Possible uses for skimmed milk powders and their  advantages

  • Dairy produce: Alternative to the drinking milk,
  • Confectionery:
    • Puffed confectionery (malted milk, nougat):
      • Stabilisation of the foam and prevention of bubble collapse,
      • Light taste of milk,
      • Firm texture for chewing: saccharose crystallisation control (thanks to its lactose content) and retention of water.
    • Caramel confectionery:
      • Crucial to obtain the right colour: Maillard reaction.
    • Milk chocolate:
      • Distinctive taste,
      • Smooth and milky texture.
      • Soft candy and coating.
  •  Bakery:
    • Breads, cakes, rolls:
      • Nutritional value,
      • Taste enhancement,
      • Browning increase,
      • Improvement of water retention capacity,
      • Freshness extension.
  • Ice creams:
    • Important source of non-fat solids,
    • Regulation of the protein vs fat rate,
    • Ice cream stabilisation.

Products' advantages

Longer and steady preservation,
Smaller storage space,
Nutritional value similar to the drinking milk

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