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Protein solutions for bars

A full range of solutions for hyperproteinated bars and biscuits

Specific nutraceutical ingredients

FIT signed a partnership with two well-known nutraceutical companies for the distribution and commercialisation of nutraceutics. Nutraceutics are high-quality nutritional products used in hyperproteinated bars and biscuits for sport nutrition and dietetics.

Product information

Soft technologies that prevent denaturation

Thanks to soft and non-denaturing technologies, FIT may offer native ingredients that have a structure similar to the one they have in milk.

A complete range of new protein solutions

FIT offers a complete range of protein ingredients from lactoserum and from milk. Such ingredients have been manufactured to meet all your specific needs regarding texture, taste and nutritional properties.

  • Milk proteins
  • Lactoserum proteins
  • Caseins
  • Caseinates

Amongst others, FIT range includes, :

  • MPC (milk protein concentrate) native non-denaturing thanks to the CMF technology (cross-flow filtration): they offer excellent nutritional value and functional properties with high added value such as taste enhancement, solubility improvement and heat resistance.
  • WPC-WPI (whey protein concentrate – whey protein isolate): neutral and functional products that have a low concentration in minerals and a high concentration in essential amino acids. Amino acids encourage well-being, health, quality and a better absorption.
  • Caseinates: these products have emulsifying and thickening properties. They retain humidity and give elasticity to prevent drying of the proteinated bars.
  • Micellar caseins: slow-digestion proteins that have a high concentration in amino acids. They have many advantages for health among which a good digestibility and biological activity. Micellar caseins are perfectly adapted to sport nutrition for recovery and to gain muscle mass as well as diet nutrition against metabolism and overweight.

Products' advantages

High-end nutritional products
Native ingredients

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