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Butter is a natural product with high nutritional value and a taste enhancer

The designation « Butter » is protected. In France, it is protected by the decree of December 30th 1988. Butter is a dairy produce obtained by physical techniques such as an emulsion of water in dairy fat. All its ingredients are dairy-based. Butter is 100% natural, it contains 82% fat and 16% water for standard butter. The remaining 2% include proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. Butter contains neither artificial aroma, nor additives. Butter with specific technological properties are suitable for meeting the requirements of the food industry.

22 litres of milk are necessary to produce one kilogram of butter, this is to say 2 litres of cream.

You are looking for a specific butter for your product applications? You are looking for some particular functional properties and organoleptic qualities for your products in the bakery, pastry, biscuits, chocolate, ready-cooked dishes, soup and sauce industries ?

An extensive range of butters for your industrial purposes

FIT as a supplier and a distributor of dairy produce offers you a complete and diversified  range of butters for your industrial purposes: 82% fat butters, textured butters, special butters , concentrated butters and anhydrous milkfat (AMF ).

We can meet the many and varied needs of the food industry sector. We can offer volumes and packaging compliant with the characteristic aspects of your industrial sector.

Click here to learn more about the main manufacturing processes used to produce butter.

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