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A broad range of cheeses dedicated to your industrial uses

A regulated designation

The decree from November 12th 2013 (decree n° 2013-1010) defines use of the designation “cheese” as well as the manufacturing method:

“Cheese is a product fermented or not, refined or not, exclusively obtained from dairy-based material such as: milk, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, cream, fat, buttermilk, used alone or in mixtures and coagulated wholly or partially before drainage or after partial removal of the aqueous part. Minimal dry matter content in the product previously described is defined to be 23 grams for 100 grams of cheese. “

Cheese may be considered as a concentration of major elements of milk (proteins, fat) realised by draining a coagulum obtained by acidification and/or by enzyme action.

This definition implies that cheese is manufactured from liquid milk and that its manufacturing involves a drainage step.

 A broad range of cheese ingredients for industry

As a supplier and distributor of dairy products, FIT offers you a wide range of cheese ingredients for industrials.

We offer cheese solutions suitable to meet the various needs of the food industry. Volumes and packagings may be adapted to your specific constraints.

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