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Thick, liquid, pasteurised, UHT, fraîche… various kinds of cream for industrial uses

Cream, a peculiar product by many criteria

Cream is an emulsion of fat in water. It may be obtained by skimming milk followed by an homogenisation step to stabilise it. Around 7 liters of milk have to be used to make 1 kg of 30% fat cream.

In France creams are defined by the decree 80-313, from April 23rd 1980:

  • The designation “cream” may only be used for products containing at least 30% fat.
  • The designation “light cream” is used for products containing between 12 and 29% fat.
  • Whole cream contains at least 40% fat.

Creams are made of 30 to 40% fat, 59% water and 6% non fat elements (proteins, lactose and minerals). Cream contains calcium and is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.

A full range of cream offered by FIT

FIT offers you a full range of cream for industrial applications with various packagings adapted to your needs.

  • Liquid and light liquid cream
  • Thick and light thick cream
  • UHT cream
  • Crème fraîche
  • Organic cream

Packagings: container, pallecon, bucket, tank, hose, bag-in-box, brick…

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