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Dairy ingredients

Numerous dairy ingredients for your industrial applications

Many dairy ingredients especially developped for food industry

Dairy ingredients are foodstuffs that may satisfy nutritional, organoleptic and functional needs. Initially, their development aimed at stabilising milk components (proteins and fat).

As it is influenced by current societal issues (nutrition health, taste, practicality…) the dairy ingredient market is constantly evolving. Nowadays these ingredients are highly valued in food industry – especially for their multiple functions – and are essential elements for industrial applications.

Milk and its co-products are today still the subject of many studies to identify  the biological activities and techno-functionalities of their components. The objective is to obtain high added value products from general milk composition, which is composed of:

  • Lactose
  • Fat
  • Proteins including whey proteins
  • Caseins
  • Milk minerals
  • Soluble components associated with micelles or with fat globules (vitamins, growth factors, oligosaccharides…)
  • Microorganisms and somatic cells.

Dairy ingredients offered by FIT

FIT puts its expertise at your service to offer you a broad range of dairy ingredients in order to satisfy the demands of food industry.

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