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Flavours, food ingredients widely used for centuries

Flavours are food ingredients manufactured to be added in small quantities in food in order to give a specific taste. Knowledge of flavours has been developped simultaneously with manipulations and research from mankind on raw materials surrounding them.

European legislation states that flavours are products that are not to be consumed as such, they need to be added to foodstuff.

Two main reasons drive uses of flavours:

  • Give food a specific taste
  • Give food a taste that has been lost or modified during transformation

Flavours may be used on different food categories as long as the food underwent a previous transformation and according to clearly established regulations.

Flavouring substances from natural or artificial sources

Natural flavours come from vegetable or animal raw materials. These substances are then separated by physical (extraction, distillation), enzymatic or microbiological processes.

Synthetic flavours are manufactured with chemical methods and have no natural equivalent.

A complete range of flavours for your food preparations

Thanks to its partner, a supplier of cheese natural flavours obtained through an enzymatic process (EMC – Enzyme Modified Cheese), FIT may therefore offer you a full range of natural flavours for butters, cheeses and creams.