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A full range of lactose powder

Lactose, a product whose grain size may be adapted to the specific requirements of various industrial applications

Lactose is the main carbohydrate component of milk. It is a diholoside or disaccharide comprising two molecules, two simple sugars : one molecule of galactose (sugar with 6 atoms of carbon) and a molecule of glucose (or dextrose whenever D-glucose is indicated). Lactose is the milk sugar, it is naturally present in mammal milk.

Lactose is the main component of whey, which is the liquid obtained from milk coagulation. It is extracted by crystallisation.

After separation of fat and caseine precipitate, whey may be obtained. This whey has a very high lactose content. Lactose is then evaporated  and transferred to crystallisation tanks. Hard and sandy crystals of lactose hydrate are then obtained. These crystals are then separated, decanted and washed to purify lactose. Through this phase, lactose content increases.

Lactose may be digested only if it has been split beforehand into two by an enzyme: lactase. This enzyme is naturally present in the bowel and allows the digestion of lactose.

Different grain sizes may be obtained through an adapted crushing. Grain sizes are classified by mesh. This is the main interest of lactose. As a result, FIT may offer the right grain size adapted to your applications.

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A full range of lactose powder for your industrial uses

As a dairy products supplier, FIT offers you a broad range of lactose powders:

  • Unmilled lactose for food
    • 80-100 mesh
    • 200 mesh
  • Infant lactose 100 to 200 mesh

Packagings: 25 kg bags or 1,000 kg big bags

According to your applications, FIT may advise you with the right grain size classified in mesh !

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