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Milk, nutritionally rich and good for health

Milk, a nutritional and functional aliment

Milk is defined as “the entire product of local and uninterrupted milking of a healthy, well-nourrished and not overworked dairy female”. It should, in addition, be collected in good hygienic conditions and provide health guarantees. Milk may indeed be commercialised as such  but more often milk undergoes lipidic standardisation treatments and microbial epuration in order to limit hygienic risks and to guarantee longer conservation.

Milk composition

Many factors may influence milk composition: farming practices (mainly animal nutrition), genetics, environment… Average milk contains: 87% water, 4 to 5% lactose, 3 to 4% lipids, 0.8% minerals and 0.1% vitamins.

Milk may come from several species such as: cows, goats or even ewes.

Milk range products offered by FIT

  • Liquid milk (industrial or for mass consumption)
  • Infant milk
  • Milk powder (industrial or for mass consumption)
  • Condensed milk (industrial or for mass consumption)
  • Flavoured milk

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