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Powdered dairy ingredients

Powdered dairy ingredients for food industry

Discover our extensive range of milk powders and dry milk derivatives

Functional, nutritional and biological properties of milk components explain why they are often and successfully used in food industry.

Dairy ingredients valorisation

Scientific and technical progresses in the recent years have allowed to benefit from the epitome of properties from milk and its proteins.

The majority of dairy ingredients is available in a dehydrated form. Concentration, drying and micro-fluidisation steps are similar for all powder dairy ingredients and let a liquid becomes an easily preserved and exportable powder.

Are you looking for an optimisation of your production costs? Are you looking for special functional properties or specific organoleptic qualities?

An extensive range of powdered dairy ingredients

FIT as a supplier and a distributor of dairy products offers you a complete and diversified range of dehydrated ingredients from milk and its derivatives. These ingredients can be used for their protein content: milk powders, lactose, whey, fat filled,  milk permeate, whey permeate…

We can meet many and varied needs from the food industry sector. We can offer volumes and packaging compliant with the characteristic aspects of your industrial sector: 25kg-bags, big bag, bulk…

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