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Fresh products

Many kinds of fresh products for various industrial applications

Ultra-fresh, a wide range of products

Fresh dairy produce, also called “ultra-fresh”, are all manufactured from milk transformation, incidentally milk is their first ingredient.

Fresh dairy produce regroup several product categories: yoghurts, fromages blanc, Petit-Suisse, fresh dairy desserts, crème fraîche, faisselles. Most of these products are manufactured according to traditionnal recipes.

Two criteria make these products peculiar:

  • Storage temperature between 0 and 6°C,
  • Short shelf life.

Fresh dairy produce may either be directly for consumer consumption or for various industrial applications thanks to their numerous organoleptic or rheological properties (texture and emulsifier agent, taste enhancer, replacement to reduce fat content…)

Manufacturing techniques comply with strict regulations whose goals are to insure the health safety and optimum quality of the product.

To learn more about fresh products and how their nutritional composition may vary, click here.

Fresh products offered by FIT