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Milk proteins

A full range of proteins from milk

Milk proteins: excellent nutritional values and interesting functional properties

New technologies that allow for the isolation or extraction of the components making up milk have allowed for an increase of available protein products.

Manufacturing techniques for concentrates and milk protein isolates

Powders are obtained either by  membrane techniques  or by the co-precipitation of casein and whey proteins before drying. Two techniques are used primarily:

  • Ultrafiltration: concentrates protein strains
  • Microfiltration: increases the casein/ soluble protein ratio by a factor ranging from 4 to 10

This method is also used to obtain concentrates or isolates. This name corresponds to the protein content in a dry extract, which can vary from 60-90% (concentrated) to 90% (isolates) sold as MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate) or MPI (Milk Protein Isolate).

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