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UHT cream

UHT cream: a long shelf-life product prized for its whipping ability

Cream is an emulsion of fat globules within a water-based fluid. Cream is made by skimming the cream from the surface of the milk followed by homogenization to stabilize it.

It takes an average of 7 litres of milk to make 1 kg of cream with a fat content of 30%.

UHT treatment technique

Some creams have a long shelf life, meaning they can be kept for several weeks in a cool, dry place. To extend shelf life, these creams have been sterilized (Ultra-High Temperature Treatment, or UHT). UHT treatment consists in heating cream for 2 seconds at 145-150°C. The cream is then quickly cooled to better preserve its taste and nutritional and functional qualities.

Sterilization means the milk cannot be “seeded” so UHT cream will always be liquid. The sterilization process results in a cooked or caramel flavour.

A cream particularly suited to whipping

Whipping consists in incorporating air into the cream by beating it at low temperatures (between 5° and 10°) to increase its volume and achieve a more aerated result. Keeping the cream cold before whipping (typically for 24 hours) helps ensure the stability of the emulsion by partially crystallizing the fat.

FIT’s sterilized UHT cream: especially suited to whipping

FIT offers sterilized UHT cream, 35% fat, under its own brand, Natur’lait, available in 1 L cartons