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Fat filled

Fat filled milk powders for beverages, yoghurts and curd applications

Fat filled milk powders, milk substitute with similar organoleptic properties

Fat filled milk powders are a range of skimmed milk powders that are enriched with vegetable fat before dehydration.

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Product information

Fat filled milk powders manufacturing technique

Fat filled milk powder is obtained by blending high quality skimmed milk powder with vegetable fat. Powder is atomised (spray drying) in order to easily reconstitute the product.

Fat filled milk powder is a total or partial whole milk substitute. This substitute has the same physical, chemical and organoleptical properties as a dairy product. It helps reducing formulation costs for a product without any impact on its quality.

In fat filled milk powders, proteins come indeed from non-fat milk solids, whereas fat is of vegetable origin.

Vegetable fat and proteins in fat filled milk powders

The choice of fat used in the mix is crucial and must be as close as possible to the dairy fat that it is replacing. Most of the time, the vegetable fats that are used are palm oil, coconut oil or copra oil, in quantities varying from 26-28% (most common) to 50%.

Proteins used to manufacture fat filled milk powders must be of the highest quality, must dissolve easily and totally, must be stable in order not to bring any unpleasant taste to the finished product and must be a good source of essential amino acids. Protein content varies according to the expected use.

Whenever fat filled milk powders are used to reconstitute milk in beverages, low protein fat filled milk powders are more usually used. On the contrary, for yoghurts or curd and whenever a fermentation must occur, high protein fat filled milk powders will be used (a protein content of 24%  for instance).

Usually vitamins, minerals and emulsifier (lecithin-like) or stabilising agent are added to the product.

Fat filled milk powders undergo treatments to improve wettability and solubility

The right treatments give the product a good wettability and solubility.

A stabilising agent in fat filled milk powders helps improve the product viscosity thanks to its action with the proteins that it maintains  in suspension, and improve the product stability during freezing and unfreezing processes.

The emulsifier agent improves fat dispersion in aqueous phase and maintains such emulsion. Emulsifier adds to the homogenisation, but does not substitute for it. Choice of emulsifier is important to obtain a product with the right viscosity, that flows easily and that remains stable long enough for its commercialisation. Usually lecithin is chosen. Lecithin is added at the end of the drying process in order to give the powder a maximum of properties: lecithin improves powder wettability (ability to capture water for good hydratation, depends on water affinity) and solubility (ability to dissolve in a liquid), it also allows a stable dispersion after reconstitution. In a nutshell, lecithin helps obtaining a solution and a dispersion faster.

Milk is an important source of vitamins A, D, E, K and many others that contribute to its high nutritional value. Nevertheless, fat-soluble vitamins are not present in skimmed milk (A-vitamin for instance). To address this deficit and to meet the human body demands vitamins may be added.

Calcium, phosphorus and sodium are the main minerals present in milk and often constitute an essential part of the alimentation of children and elderly.

Instant fat filled milk powders

Powder may be treated in order to be « instant ». This treatment improves milk reconstitution: agglomeration forms holes between powder particles as a result water may penetrate easily and rapidly in these holes during reconstitution. Agglomeration process has several steps: hydrating particle surfaces with steam, with water or with a mix of both, drying, cooling and screening to eliminate the finest and the biggest particles. Two methods of agglomeration are used:

  • Primary agglomeration that happens directly during spray drying by adding fine powder in the concentrated milk cloud.
  • Secondary agglomeration happens by rehydrating an already dried powder.

Such agglomeration is not enough for powder that contains fat. Free fat on the powder surface prevents a good wettability. This is the reason why lecithin is also sprayed into such powder for agglomeration.

Fat filled milk powders have peculiar and valued characteristics

Main characteristics of fat filled milk powders that are looked for:

  • Sweet and stable taste
  • Resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation
  • Easy manipulation and storage
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Easy and regular supply

Fat filled milk powders applications

Two types of fat filled milk powders exist for two types of applications:

  • Yoghurt and curd: Protein content is at least 24%, vegetable fat content is between 26% and 28%. Milk proteins must be preserved to allow a good coagulation of the product and a satisfactory performance.
  •  Beverages, reconstituted milk, whitener for coffee and tea: Thanks to both a good stability in hot environment (thermostability) and a good wettability, this product is adapted to hot and cold beverages: coffee, tea, etc. This product has a protein content lower than 20%. Vegetable fat content is between 26% and 28%.

Fat filled milk powders offered by FIT

FIT offers:

  • Fat filled milk powders, from Ireland
    • Spray powder
    • Ingredients : skimmed milk, vegetable oil
    • Options : sugar, vitamins/minerals, lecithin (for instant powder, lecithin adjunction is required)
    • Fat: 26.0-27.99% max
    • Proteins : 23.5% min
    • Instant or not
    • Thermostable
    • Possible adjunction of vitamins or minerals 
    • Applications : beverages (reconstitution of liquid milk), bakery and pastry, ice creams, yoghurts, UHT milk, whitener for coffee or tea.
    • 25 kg bags
    • BIG BAG
    • Shelflife of 24 months
  • Instant fat filled milk powder, from Ireland or Italy
    • Spray powder
    • Ingredients : milk constituents, vegetable oil, milk, cream, soy lecithin E332 
    • Fat: 26-28%
    • Proteins : 8% to 20%
    • Thermostable
    • Thanks to its high stability to heat, combined with a good wettability, this product is particularly adapted to hot beverages such as whiteners for coffee or tea.
    • 25 kg bags
    • BIG BAG
    • Shelflife 18 to 24 months

Products' advantages

Sweet and stable taste
Resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation
Easy manipulation and storage
Easy and regular supply

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