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Tourage butter

Tourage butter, a butter specifically relevant for puff pastry with unrivalled taste-related qualities

Tourage butter in plates is specifically developed for workshops that are not equipped of rolling mill. Its rheological and organoleptic properties allow the manufacturing of products with exceptional pastry quality.

Tourage butter offers a plasticity and a melting point both optimal for pastry quality

Tourage butters offered by FIT company are manufactured exclusively from selected dairy produce. These butters benefit from the craftmanship of Butter masters and therefore facilitate  the preparation of yeast dough and flaky pastry. Plasticity and melting point have a direct impact on your pastry regarding crispness, volume and presence of air cells.

Their plasticity and authentic taste make them a unique and essential product to successfully manufacture good quality puff pastry.

Product information

Tourage butter distributed by FIT

FIT may advise you and direct you towards the better melting point for the manufacturing of your pastries.

FIT offers:

  • Tourage Butter 2kg-plate
    • From their shapes and textures, these butters are particularly adapted to be used with a rolling mill.
    • Applications: laminated dough, pastry – perfectly adapted to manufacture croissants.

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Products' advantages

Plastic, smooth and homogenous texture perfectly suitable for rolling mill
Perfect regularity all year long
Excellent plasticity for tourage
Does not lose fat during development
Resist to heating during lamination
Resist to high temperature in labs
Regular and important development while cooking
Authentic taste

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