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Edible lactose

Edible lactose may have various industrial applications

Lactose or milk sugar is a complex sugar (carbohydrate) that may also be called diholoside. Lactose is constituted by a disaccharide formed by the reunion of two monosaccharides: glucose and galactose. It is a pure, non-toxic sugar that is soluble and has a low sweetening power: 0.16 for lactose compared to 1 for saccharose.

Product information

Edible lactose organoleptic properties

Edible lactose undergoes a better crystallisation than dextrose or sucrose. When it is mixed with other sugars, for instance dextrose, it modifies their crystallisation properties. Lactose is slightly soluble in water and has a low sweetening power. Edible lactose goes from white to yellowish-white in colour.

Potential applications for lactose in food industry and their benefits

  • Bakery:
    • Maillard reaction auxiliary: it helps obtaining a nice brown colour during caramelisation.
    • Lactose does not hydrolyse easily and is not fermented by beer yeast.
    • Carbohydrate loading with low sweetening power.
  • Pastry / confectionery / chocolate making:
    • Flavour fixative, taste enhancer,
    • Easier crystallisation than sucrose,
    • Dough improvement (for instance pies): dough is tender and more laminated.
    • Carbohydrate loading with low sweetening power.
  • Cost reduction
  • Bulking agent
  • Milk powder standardisation

Edible lactose offered by FIT

As a dairy products supplier, FIT may offer:

  • Lactose 80-100 mesh
  • Lactose 150-200 mesh
  • Unmilled lactose
  • From different origins
  • 25kg-bag, big bag


Products' advantages

Maillard reaction auxiliary
Taste enhancer
Low sweetening power
Flavour fixative
Dough improvement
Cost reduction
Bulking agent

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