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Infant lactose (Refined)

Infant lactose or refined lactose powder

Infant lactose is a refined product with high nutritional value

Lactose has high nutritional value. It may be found in all mammals milk including women’s milk. Moreover women’s milk contains 50% more lactose than cow’s milk, on the contrary proteins are lower in women’s milk. This is the reason why breast milk is a necessary growing factor for infants. Pediatricians have therefore widely recommended lactose in infant preparations because lactose is an essential carbohydrate for all product preparations designed to replace breast milk.

Product information

Infant lactose is a lactose with a high purity grade

Lactose is extracted from milk serum and may be sold in different forms depending on its purity grade.

For infant lactose, the refining of crystals is added to the production process. It is then called refined lactose. Purity grade is higher (99.4%) than for standard lactose (99%). Powder will as a result be whiter.

Infant lactose benefits

Lactose is an important calorific agent, it eases digestion: lactose has a positive influence by modifying bacterial intestinal flora. It also eases calcium assimilation and helps maintaining a balance in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is essential for bone growth and is a key player in the development of the skull and mucous membranes. Children whose food is rich in lactose have a more developped muscle structure than those whose food is rich in sucrose or saccharose.

Infant lactose offered by FIT

As a dairy ingredients supplier, FIT may offer:

  • Lactose 100 mesh, 25kg-bags, 1000kg-big bags
  • Lactose 200 mesh, 25kg-bags, 1000kg-big bags

Advantages and organoleptic properties of the infant lactose distributed by FIT

  • High purity grade
  • Even chemical composition
  • Fine and homogenous particle size distribution
  • Fluid and non-hygroscopic powder
  • Available on demand: halal, kosher, vegetarian

Products' advantages

High purity grade
Even chemical composition
Fine and homogenous particle size distribution
Fluid and non-hygroscopic powder

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